Hello this is a message for all our MAISON HARLEM supporters, neighbors, friends and family.

We are currently still closed.

We had a fire in the kitchen of our restaurant damaging the electrical panel and some of our equipment. Luckily no one got hurt. The fire department unfortunately broke all of our windows and some of the apartments above in their effort to suppress the smoke. We are now preparing to rebuild quickly but we have to follow our insurance policies and guidelines and are waiting for their green light to start. 

In the meantime follow us on Facebook, Instagram and our website for updates on progress.

We will be back soon
We miss you guys very much.

A bientot
See you soon ...

Maison Harlem family



    welcome - bienvenue!


    Maison Harlem is a fun destination placeā€¦

    Come join us uptown for a delicious selection of oysters paired with a taste of jazz, great food and wine, and the French savoir faire...

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